A Story for Every Scent - VV&Co is finally at Bride and Rose!


Social Media Darlings and Style Sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso have finally partnered with Bride and Rose for their personal brand, VV&Co. The brand is inspired by their fond childhood memory with their dad - whose perfume smell lingers on them whenever he goes away for work. They aim to tell different stories and love letters through the scents they made to whoever who wears it.

VV & Co. currently has 5 scents to choose from. Each scent was curated and inspired by Vern & Verniece themselves and other online celebrities such as Bella Racelis and David Guison.

Have your guest feel the warmth of your love by giving them your curated scent that will tell them your love story - by simply smelling it! Each perfume is made with love and supports local handcrafters.

VV&Co has an own display rack in our store for the patrons to see and smell for themselves. They may get the perfumes as souvenirs for their event or as a gift to a special someone. The brand also customize perfumes for different occasions! Just shoot them an e-mail at vvandcoph@gmail.com

Watch the story behind the brand through the sisters' vlog here: