Marketing Support is one of the key features of Bride and Rose.

Bride and Rose invested a substantial amount of pie in Marketing. We spend on bridal fairs, magazine publications, influencers, advertorials, E-commerce, and SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Reach a larger audience and get free advertisements on our websites, social media, and other partner advertising companies! Be our brand partner! - Bride and Rose

One of the most important aspect of Bride and Rose's marketing strategy is hiring influencers as it is the latest trend in digital marketing. Influencers specialize in specific niches. When you target the right influencers, you'll boost your brand's visibility and raise awareness within a relevant market.

Influencers are the kings and queens of content creation; that’s why we chose the best of the bests to market our brand.

Here are the top 7 best influencers we get that Bride and Rose curated to reach our niche! 

Bride and Rose Vern and Verniece

1.) Vern and Verniece Enciso

Lovely sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso are two of the most respected influencers in the country today. They are classified as mega influencers and they are all over the internet from different advertorials to publications such as Preview, Cosmopolitan, ABS-CBN Lifestyle; name it and they are there! They already  even have numbers of Magazine covers such as Mega Magazine, and they also endorse big companies such as Smart Telecom, Vivo Philippines, Lazada Ph, LBC and high end fashion and lifestyle brands such as H&M, Mark Bumgarner, Teviant, and different hotels around the world.

They also get sponsored by different travel companies and they have traveled all continents in the world! Their followers consists of different nationalities and that's what we wanted- to reach different nationals who has the same taste and aesthetics wit Vern and Verniece; as per why Bride and Rose picked them from the first place - because we have the same taste and aesthetic with them! Through this, we know that we are targeting the right market! 

Vern and Verniece have accomplished so much and up to this moment, there’s no stopping them. Just recently, Vern and Verniece launched their perfume line VV and Co. and it will be part of the Bride and Rose roster of brands too! 

2. Valerie "Bangs" Garcia

Bangs Garcia is a celebrity and just recently got trended because she and her partner Lioyd Birchmore said I do's 3 times! 1st in a city hall at London, 2nd was a church wedding and 3rd was a beach wedding! Who wouldn't want that?!

Bangs and Lloyd are the perfect inspiration of a happily married couple and a happy family. Bang's more than 1Million Followers are surely consist of the niche we are targeting- soon-to-weds, in-a-relationships, and new families.


3. Bobby Ray Parks

Parks is the first PBA Basketball Player from NBA. We make sure that we are not targeting only females, but also males! His more than 100 thousand of followers consists of basketball fans which are soon-to-be grooms too as Ray Parks is in his 20's - the age bracket which people gets married. 

Parks and her celebrity girlfriend -Maika Rivera is an inspiration of a perfect couple too!

4. Maika Rivera

Maika is another Celebrity Influencer. At Bride and Rose, we think of the future and long term goals. We were looking for a fresh face celebrity just like Jane De Leon, a fresh face who instantly become a Super Star because of being chosen as Darna.

Maika Rivera is a Star Magic Artist and Girl Trends of Show Time,  and she now currently has a major role at one of ABS-CBN's Teleserye- Sandugo. Just like Jane De Leon, they both started as a supporting actress, and we know that Maika Rivera will hit a big name on the screen, soon! So yes, we are investing to her, too!

5. Patricia Santos of Patricia Santos Atelier

We also make sure that we hit a direct market. Patricia Santos is a Fashion Designer who dresses famous celebrities - Liza Soberano, Isabelle Daza, Jessy Mendiola, Sarah Labati, Elisse Joson, Ylona Garcia, Maja Salvadore, to name a few. 

She is also categorized as a micro influencer, she promotes brands such as Mei Diamond Jewelry, Estee Lauder, Hermes, Dior and a lot more! There are many fashion designers out there, but Patricia, her class and elegance is really something special, that's why yes, we got her! Not to mention that her brand will be one of Bride and Rose's showcases too!

6. Teddy Manuel

Teddy Manuel is one of the top 10 events stylist of the Philippines. He has been styling many celebrity weddings for 15 years already! His followers are surely soon-to-weds and flower lovers! Yas! It means hitting a direct market!

Teddy is a wedding superstar and has started endorsing some brands too such as Avignon Clinic! Yes, he's a perfect choice too!

Jheck Dionella Bride and Rose

6. Jheck Dionella

Jheck Dionella is a model and a volleyball superstar! Bride and Rose wants to make sure that we spread awareness to other kinds of niches too. We are sure that with Jheck's more than 100+  Facebook and Instagram sports-lover followers,  are getting married too! 

Also, just like Bride and Rose- Jheck's fashion icon is Audrey Hepburn too! So yes, she's a perfect fit!

Riccio Sandy Bride and Rose

7. Riccio Sandy

Riccio Sandy is a micro influencer-blogger. And just like Maika Rivera- she's a fresh face! Besides travel and lifestyle, she also have a following base from her fitness routines- and that we could capture too! Riccio has been promoting several brands too and also traveling the Globe! Her style and aesthetics matches with Bride and Rose too! She's perfect! 


We are so excited as all of these influencers will be seen in our private party! And there will be more influencers to come! We hope to see your brand in our store too!