Our industry is fast evolving and we all want to keep up. We believe that a concept store is a game-changer to the wedding industry - 2 or 3 years from now, visiting a wedding concept store will be an essential first step for soon-to-weds in planning their big day. That's why bride-and-rose is born!

 What is exactly a concept store?

"It is a shop that sells a carefully curated and unique selection of products that connect to an overarching theme. Often they evoke a lifestyle that appeals to a specific target audience – they are inspirational. Handpicked products are pulled together from different brands and designers, and they usually span different lines, such as fashion, beauty and homewares. In addition, the display mixes these lines and products together in an attractive fashion. Concept stores are about discovery and experience."- Insider Trends

Concept store is now the biggest trend that innovates the shopping experience of the consumers. It has been being patronized by the western countries and is now gaining popularity around the Metro.

Today, the biggest fashion houses such as Forever 21, Burberry and more are closing stores globally because of the financial value they spend  and loss to operate huge stores. That's why concept stores are born; that instead of costing you millions or so - a concept store is actually a way to market products physically without costing a fortune. 

Concept store provides a space for brands who wouldn’t necessarily be able to hold down a standalone store is one way that communal fashion spaces hope to foster new talent in an age when even big fashion houses are struggling to profit from bricks-and-mortar spaces.

Concept stores often mix an eclectic assortment of products and lines such as books, beauty, fashion, food, and homewares; all carefully curated to appeal to a specific target audience. In addition, many concept stores offer experimental elements such as a café or exhibition space, enhancing their appeal to those shoppers seeking a particular lifestyle.

What’s more, in concept stores, the online and physical worlds often collide, with intelligent product displays, interactivity, and digital technology used to create a more personalised shopping experience.

Now, you already understand that we are now at the age of concept stores. That's why Bride and Rose was born and aims to let the players in our industry help each other by putting up a store where they can be together so instead of having someone to shoulder all the expenses, everyone can have their fair share and we can expand little by little. 

We all dream for our brands to be known and have branches all over the Philippines --- perhaps even outside our country. However, our revenue will tell us “No” since branching out requires a lot of effort and money. That's why Bride and Rose is eliminating the problem of funding, which is typically the hardest step in reaching out to different clients and cities. And yes, concept store is the solution! 

Next Branch: CEBU! 

Some of the concept stores that were an inspirations of Bride and Rose are Society 8,  Kleinfeld, and Lovely Bridal. Read more about INSPIRATIONS AND CONCEPT OF BRIDE AND ROSE here