We know that sometimes you are skeptical to buy into something that is relatively new. But come to think of this: The first challenge in curating Bride and Rose was to get investors --- to get people to buy the concept. To our surprise, it was a walk in the park! It’s a multi-million investment funded by different businessmen and professionals in different fields. A total of 12 shareholders trusted the idea and the expertise of Trishie dela Cruz that this is feasible and is one-of-a-kind! And speaking of her, she is a young entrepreneur, our founder and has been handling multiple successful businesses and has been traveling around the globe to network and study as well. She was already featured at different local and international media sites such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post to name a few. She also attended an Entrepreneurship Program at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She is currently taking up Interior Styling at SoFa- School of Fashion and The Arts- and Professional Events Management Program at Enderun Colleges both located in Makati, Philippines. Add with her the best company lawyers, accountants, architects, and designers, and you’ll never go wrong with this business.


Trishie has built her reputation as one of the sought-after young entrepreneurs in the country. She started business when she was 18 years old and she always make a mark in whatever industry she's up to. Know how she curated and what's her inspiration in putting up bride and rose, here