What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial," or “natural” search results on search engines.

SEO is essential to a business. The top 100 fortune companies spend billions on SEO. Why? Because it is where you can find potential and direct.organic and targeted clients. 

Trishie Dela Cruz, our founder, started her online journey and her business career by being knowledgeable with SEO. Way back 2012, when blogging is still new, with the use of her blogs and skills, she manages to make her first business rank on Google’s first page using particular keywords. When a user searched that keyword- her product will be displayed on the first page. The user will click and go to the blog and will buy the product through an e-commerce platform, namely Lazada or Shopee. And up until now, for 7 years, the product still ranks on the first page of Google and makes sales overnight without any more effort because the consumer finds the product(by searching)- not the product finding the consumer.  

Now, Trishie wants it to be re-done. This time, with Bride and Rose. But this time, she hired a team of professionals to do the work. The SEO team researched for the best keywords that we can work out that doesn't have high competition. And the results are something we didn't even think about! "Wedding Essentials," "Wedding Planning," and "Wedding Concept Store" in Manila, Quezon City, and the Philippines. 

If the user types any of these keywords, the goal is, our website, Bride and Rose, should be seen on the first page of Google’s search result. 

Only those who are getting married will use those keywords as they need "Wedding Essentials" and "Wedding Planning."

Through this SEO technique, we assure that we target the right clients, and we will give a very high and large amount of exposure to our store. 

Take note that this will not work overnight! It will also take time because our website is still new. But rest assured, we are doing all the techniques to rank in Google’s first page- one of which is through backlinks and press releases, which we will blog in another post. 

Bride and Rose Wedding Planning Essentials Concept Store Quezon City Manila Philippines

Before we started the SEO work, if you search "Bride and Rose," you will not find our website. Instead, you will find different blogs that contains the words "Bride" and "Rose," and obviously, there are many! Because it's 2 of the most common word in the wedding industry. It is somehow difficult to make it to the first page. And we are surprised how good our SEO team is! Within just a few weeks of doing the SEO work, in only a little time, the name “Bride and Rose” is now searchable and already ranks no. 1 in Google! Woohoo! It's a milestone! It means we already got the name; we now own it; we are BRIDE AND ROSE. 

Now, let us sit back and relax and let our SEO Team do their job! Meanwhile, check out Trishie's post about how good is our SEO team! 



Wow! Someone’s viewing our website at the moment! 🙂

We never launched our website yet but we are already getting viewers! “Good Work” raw sabi ng website. Sarap naman mabasa hihi...

The IT company that I met yesterday rin- complimented the website, ang-ganda raw! Hihi..

Check our website! www.brideandrose.ph
Tho it’s still under construction!
* * *


Bride and rose is a bride-club and co-working space that showcase all wedding essentials in one roof!

Bride and Rose eliminates the problem of time and communication in wedding planning. Why run from office to office of different suppliers when you can find and study everything and have a direct feel of the actual product-all in one place? Our concierge service can also connect brides directly to suppliers.

" A game changer to the industry!” - Wedding Loco, UK Blog

“Bride and Rose is a game changer to the wedding planning process! It is truly a brilliant concept that is much needed by the wedding and events industry” - Mark Nowhereman, You Tuber

“Bride and Rose promotes real connection between brides, couples, and creative wedding vendors” Bride-Party, USA Blog  

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for up and rising industry players” - Yes FM 107.7, Local Radio


Bride and Rose - All Wedding Essentials In One Roof
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