Bride and Rose will not be born if our founder, Ms. Trishie, didn't get inspired with other successful business owners.

Here are some of her inspirations that pushed her to make her idea and concept come to reality!

Bride and Rose was inspired by Kleinfeld; Kleinfeld is the largest bridal shop in New York that carries different designer bridal gowns. If it worked in the western countries and is being patronized already for decades (since 1968), then it will definitely work here too! 


"I've lived shortly in one of my friend's flat in New York and I've never been so in-love and so lonely in one place. It was a Romantic Chaos! I've met a lot of friends there and I always dreamt of having a flat just like that! New York has become one of my inspirations. I've been to Breakfast at Tiffanies! Since then, I consider Tiffany & Co as my favorite jewellery brand, and Audrey Hepburn as my icon!" -Trishie dela Cruz, Founder






Trishie has been curating the concept for already 2 years, and this was the article that she read that gave her the trust and confidence to herself, that if this 24-year old girl nailed it, she's sure she will too! Trishie is currently 26 years old.


Read the article here:


Starting up a business means hundreds and thousands of research. During the curation process and while Trishie is sourcing out review of related literatures, she discovered an Indie Bridal Shop that now has different branches in USA - Lovely Bridal. Just like Kleinfeld, Lovely Bridal showcases different designer dresses too! But what makes them more inspirational is their chic and literaly lovely showroom studios!

Know more about them here:

Trishie did not study at Harvard Business School just for nothing. She was taught there a comprehensive step by step process of INNOVATION which includes prototyping. 

Her prototype product is her current business that she named Shabby Chic Style Studio. She invested a small amount of her savings to build up a humble store that showcases different wedding essentials from different suppliers. She displayed her bridal gowns that she collected and bought from different countries. She also displayed different product samples from different suppliers without asking for any cost- just like invitations, mother's dresses of her friend's mom's, souvenirs from her sister-in-law's, some beauty products, flowers, and many more samples can be found in her humble store. 

The prototype - Shabby Chic Style Studio, is turning 2 years this January 2020 and they already had 100+ events and counting. Many soon-to-weds are impressed in her store and tell her how convenient it is to have a preview of everything that they need for their wedding day. And this was definitely a success measure that made Trishie even more confident that Bride and Rose will be working. 

Know more about Shabby Chic Style Studio here:



Trishie is definitely a goal digger. And when she digs, she digs really hard! She's been an entrepreneur for already 7 years and she always succeed in every venture that she's trying, to the point that people are the ones who are coming to her to make business with her. But she don't have a large office to meet her large team, that's why she discovered V-Office. V-Office is a co-working space and office solutions in BGC. 

More about V-Office here:

Trishie combined the concept of Kleinfeld and Lovely Bridal, added up the concept of V-Office, and then Bride and Rose was born, and the rest is history.


"Trish' idea is one-of-its-kind, this is the first time I encountered this kind of business. and concept, during my many years of practice" -Atty. Raymund Marcelino